Artist: Frank Riggio
Album: Psychexcess II – Futurism
Song: Tttt

T is for tawm. T is also for today’s titillating top track, ‘Tttt.’ A sublime piece of work, the track ‘Tttt’ just barely scratches the surface of what Frank Riggio and his stellar album “Psychexcess II – Futurism” has to offer. A fragmented, demented journey through soundscapes that will make you feel twisted, evil, schizophrenic, and sometimes just delightfully mad. Frank Riggio’s work spans a variety of genres; his first album, ‘Symmetric Human Door,’ features fun, sample based beat heavy music whereas his ‘Psychexcess’ album pair presents a more diverse array of sounds and emotions. It’s all excellent, I highly recommend checking out each of his albums but, if possible, try to experience them as cohesive journeys!

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