Artist: The Prodigy
Album: The Fat of the Land
Song: Climbatize

My fascination with electronic music started with The Prodigy. I was exposed to the phenomenally popular album “The Fat of the Land” when I was around 9 years old and immediately fell in love. The aggressive, intoxicatingly fast drumming lured me in and futuristic melodies kept me hooked. I still remember finding my second Prodigy album at Blockbuster . . . an album entitled ‘Experience.’ This album confused and somewhat disappointed me at first, as it was a stark contrast to ‘The Fat of The Land,’ but eventually grew to become one of my favorites. The Prodigy, brainchild of Liam Howlett, has been constantly evolving since inception in 1990. From jungle/rave music in 1992 to breaks/big beat in 2015, The Prodigy have been a massively acclaimed mainstay in the realm of electronic music.

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