Artist: Clark
Album: Clark
Song: Silvered Iris

Clark is the greatest. His music will take you on journeys through the most desolate wastelands to the highest peaks of euphoria. He has a way of making me feel a truly astounding array of emotions. Not only does Chris Clark craft mind blowing music but he does so prolifically with 8 glorious albums so far. Somehow Clark’s live sets are even more impressive than his stellar productions. For his performances he brings a mobile version of his studio featuring implements such as a Mini Moog and guitar distortion pedals. Clark’s music often seems to defy description. Really, this gent is one of the main reasons I harbor subdued contention towards genres, as I really don’t feel Electronic, IDM, or even Braindance do Clark’s style justice. My favorite works of his are usually brutally powerful with just the right amount of dark, creepy, or melancholy atmosphere. His self titled album is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece and worthy of his name.


clark & tawm 2012:

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